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If you've ever tried to start on a fitness journey..

And found yourself derailed at the first hurdle.

Walked into the gym, music blaring in your headphones, pumped and ready to go...

But felt overwhelmed with anxiety as to what you’re going to actually do once you get there.

Gone to the supermarket, ready to start a new life, build a new version of you...

and got stuck at the confectionary aisle.

Sitting at the desk, longing for the evening when you get to move your body...

but then as soon as you stand up, you put your back out from chronic poor posture.

Spent a ton of money to work with a personal trainer...

Only for them to stand there on their phone, texting their mates and occasionally shouting at you.

Bought the latest Herbalife, Lite and Easy or thermogenic fat loss pill, certain that THIS TIME you’ve found the magic remedy...

Just to find that without any structure to the rest of your week, they do f**k all for you...

I need you to know that learning to move, think, feel, look and be better than you have ever imagined is entirely within your grasp – all you have to do is take the first step.

Sam Norton_coaching_3-3.png

Right here, right now, I’ll reveal to you why realising that version of you you’ve always wanted has been such a struggle...

And what you need to do to finally sculpt that future you, who moves better, sheds fat, crushes muscle-building, is mentally resilient, powerful professionally and personally contented.

So that you have the tools you need to create your own destiny, to live in a flow state, to carve your own path to whatever your heart desires, all the whilst knowing that you look and feel the best that you ever have.

And I have to share this with you, too... Creating the life of your wildest dreams starts with your health and well-being, and it REALLY IS POSSIBLE...​

  • Without having to train every day.

  • Without giving up your social life.

  • Without fads like keto, Slimming World or Weight Watchers.

  • Without having a life that you don’t recognise.

I’m sure it sounds like I’m talking shit but keep reading.

It’s worked for hundreds already...

I have been able to help so many men and women before you, to live pain-free, define their own personal fitness end-state, create a lean, strong body, build an unstoppable mindset, move, think, look, feel and be better in a way that allows them to enjoy the process, maintain it forever and educate themselves towards complete autonomy.

Without it ever having to be their number one priority, without giving up their social lives, without doing the same, generic, boring training plan for months on end, without feeling like they’ve lost control, without any kind of crash or yo-yo dieting.


This time, however, with the Function Fitness Flow philosophy that I’m about to share with you right here, right now, you will learn the tools to:

  • Build a truly bulletproof body, free of all aches and pains, resilient, strong and supple.

  • Harness the power of your own internal voice to develop unlimited motivation, that will carry over into your personal and professional life.

  • Learn the skill of discipline, and integrate consistency into your world so that no matter what life throws at you, you are ready to OWN it.

  • Never need to think about a diet ever again, once you achieve mastery over the art and science of nutrition and learn what your body intuitively needs.

  • Reach any goal that you set yourself, with unstoppable confidence.

  • Find the love for fitness and exercise, learn to use the gym like a science lab and build workouts that build a complete, concrete physique.

  • Show everyone in your world what is possible as they are astounded by the changes that they see in you.

  • Truly love and be proud of yourself, and all that you’ve accomplished.

Don't believe me?

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 9.51.52 pm.png

These are a small sample of the transformations that the Function Fitness Flow Philosophy has been able to produce over the past 6+ years, giving you the tools to build an athletic, bulletproof physique and an unstoppable mindset in as little as 12 WEEKS.

Want to know how they did it? Keep reading, as I’ll share with you the truth of why success is so few and far between when it comes to diet and exercise.


Hi, I'm Samuel K. Norton,
The Founder, Owner, and Head Coach of Function Fitness Flow.

I can honestly tell you that 8 years ago, before I began my foray into health and fitness, I stood exactly where you stand right now.

When you look at current photos of me, it is very easy to assume that I have always looked this way, been in shape, had abs, and been able to do everything I can do. Many have made that mistake in the past, who have met me as Sam 2.0 (how I like to refer to the new me). But this is absolutely not the case.

Less than a decade ago, I was utterly embarrassed by how I looked and felt. I knew nothing about fitness and nutrition, had no education, and although I was playing high performance sports at a good level, my lifestyle and self-care was a complete mess. I didn’t have a clue.

I’d eat whatever I wanted, justifying it as “dirty bulking”, get drunk multiple times each week and somehow still fooled myself into thinking that I was an “athlete". It was horrendous. I didn’t even recognise myself in the mirror by the end of it.

I had no confidence in social occasions, or with women, and hid it behind an act of bravado. I knew something had to change, because I didn’t want this to be what my life was like.


I’d tried heaps of cookie-cutter workout plans, given to me by a mate promising “Dude! This is the next big thing, you have to try it!” I’d dabbled in Weight Watchers and Slimming World, and explored all kinds of fad diets. I’d even tried caffeine stacks, and numerous thermogenics, pre-workouts, and fat burning supplements in the hope that I would find my MAGIC PILL but I’m going to let you in on a little secret... there isn't any.

There is an information overload in our society at the moment. If information was all that we needed, we’d all have rock-hard, six-pack abs and bulletproof bodies capable of doing anything we set our mind to.


But here’s the thing...

The vast majority of that information is absolute crap, and even the small percentage that is valuable is USELESS without action.

And how do you know which parts of that information are applicable to you, your life, your unique body and unique situation? Well, without a ton of research, like I’ve done over the years… YOU DON’T.

If you’ve tried a cookie-cutter programme, a fad diet or a supplement regime in the past, and yet still haven’t got the result that you wanted, why do you think that is?


No, seriously, I want to know!


My answer?




In the world of health, fitness and well-being, one size DOES NOT fit all.

There is a process that we go through, a feedback loop. Test a hypothesis, assess the outcome, adjust the variables and re-test. This iterative process is continuous, and it’s what will happen if you choose to come on board with the Function Fitness Flow team.

I will work with you PERSONALLY to ensure that my years of experience and proven track record of success with clients is at your disposal, and we will work together to create the perfect coaching package tailored to GUARANTEEING your success.

Have you fallen victim to the rebound from a diet in the past?

Do you know what a reverse diet is?

Does your weekend food or alcohol binges shoot you in the foot each week, and leave you starting fresh every Monday?

Want to learn how to accommodate a night out or a social occasion?

Want to learn how to be consistent, how to build discipline and drive so your motivation never wanes again, but do so without losing any aspect of your life?


You’re in the right place.

I have made it my mission to change the face of fitness and health, to bring a modern philosophy of coaching and training to you. I’ve invested thousands of pounds in my education and tested all of my theories on myself before bringing them to you, my clients.

I want to build a body that is strong, mobile, agile, fast, fit and healthy in all aspects, capable of doing anything you ask of it and maintaining that standard for a lifetime.

I can honestly tell you that my journey is not over, and I’m still learning and growing every day – but my ceiling keeps getting higher and higher. If you had told 21-year-old Sam that he could build and keep a ripped, supple, athletic body that would serve him year round, he would have laughed.

I have conquered this, and I have helped hundreds of men and women to do the same.

And now, I want to help you.

Want to feel unstoppably confident?

Want to know your body is ready for anything?

Want to feel, deep in your soul, that your mental state is bulletproof and your determination, zest for life, and joyfulness cannot be budged?

Want to go into the gym and smile, clapping hands and nodding to everyone in there that you know, and then feel them behind you gasping as they see you crush your lifts?

Want to find the limits of what your body can do, and then stretch those limits further than you’ve ever imagined?

Want to bring all of these aspects into your personal and professional life, and learn to dominate in every aspect?

All of that is on the table when you join up and become part of the FFF team.

What's Included?

  • Full audit of your current lifestyle, training, and nutrition position

  • A nutrition plan delivered specifically made for your goals and preferences.

  • Challenging workouts that are designed to improve your strength, composition, mobility, and skill.

  • 24/7 support and care from your coach

  • Continuous education towards your fitness autonomy.

  • Weekly video report in response to check-ins

  • Community support and regular events/education.


You are moments away from making the best decision of your life, from taking the final action you will ever need to build the you of your dreams.

If you’re ready to claim your true potential, feel confident on the beach or in the bar for the rest of your life, own your career, thrive in your relationships and dominate each and every aspect of your life, all that’s left to ask yourself is – how much is it truly worth for me to have all that, to be the best I’ve ever been?

We have come to a crossroads together.

If you’re ok with where you are, willing to accept the status quo, and don’t want to realise the best version of you, then that’s ok – I wish you the best, and if you ever need anything my door is always open.

But if you’re primed and ready for massive action, to change your world view and open new doors to what’s possible, building the body and mind of your dreams, to truly loving yourself…

Click this button, and let’s jump on a free, no-obligation consultation.

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