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I have been seeing Sam since late February 2020. Sam is very knowledgeable about personal health and has also really taken the time to learn about my fitness, my limitations, and where I would like to improve. His program has met and exceeded all my goals. In addition to the work we have done on strength and fitness, he has been fantastic at educating me about the importance of other factors, such as flexibility. He has also been excellent at building a really strong platform for my future goals by focussing on posture and technique, which has made a huge difference to my training.

The programs that Sam has put in place have also enabled me to reach a point where my fitness and health are no longer something I have to “make time for” – my mindset is now that these are non-negotiable and there is always something I can do to work on my fitness. The change of mindset Sam has helped me create is such that, even though I didn’t really focus on it, I have finally quit smoking (after many, many unsuccessful attempts), I am drinking less, and am eating more healthily. I am very much looking forward to seeing where we go from here.


I would be so grateful to receive your thoughts on working with me, and any feedback you have for what I could do to improve my service and make it better for you and for future clients. Thank you!
What star rating would you give our services?
I give permission for my testimonial to be published for the purpose of promoting Function Fitness Flow.

Thank you for your feedback. It is greatly appreciated.

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