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I am so looking forward to chatting with you.
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  • What happens if I decide to sign up?
    Well, first things first is we give you some homework to take away with you. You sign the Client Agreement and fill in the Client Application - then once these are done, you become a member of our client Facebook group within which is a Mindset and Goal Setting worksheet. You will be directed to fill this in to outline your next 3-12 months of goals. Whilst you're doing this, we will be busy behind the scenes setting up an initial training and nutrition plan and then we will book in our first 1-2-1 Kickstart Call to get you motoring!
  • I'm nervous about the call - what should I do?
    Take a big deep breath! This is not a high-pressure sales call - it is called a DISCOVERY call for a reason. For us to discover more about each other and gauge if we will be a good fit to work together. If I don't think you are right for the program, be assured, I will tell you in the most respectful way possible. We want to keep our community like-minded and supportive, and if I feel like you won't THRIVE working with us then I will explain what I think is best for you. If you've booked this in, it means there's something you're struggling with and need help to work through. All we're going to do is talk about it.
  • Is there a minimum commitment?
    I ask my clients to give me a minimum of three months, because it takes time to install the systems and processes I will give you to see the results that you want! But I do offer a love-it or leave-it guarantee in the first month - if you TRULY engage with the program for a month and you aren't making progress? I'll refund you and remove you from the program :)
  • How is the program delivered?
    This is an online coaching program, delivered through a variety of media but most are centrally contained within the member's area of this website. You will also use a training app to log data related to your workouts and nutrition.

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